UCS 3.2-2: Second point release available

We are pleased to announce the availability of UCS 3.2-2, the second point release of Univention Corporate Server (UCS). It includes all errata updates issued for UCS 3.2-0 and comprises the following highlights:
[li] Domain joining of Windows clients with incorrect system times has been simplified; it is now no longer necessary to synchronise the system time in advance. In addition, password lockouts following unsuccessful login attempts are now also supported in Samba AD domains.[/li]
[li] Univention AD Takeover - the UCS solution for the automatic migration of an Active Directory domain to UCS - can now also be performed via a Univention Management Console module.[/li]
[li] The Univention App Center has been expanded further, for example: it is now also possible to provide applications which are not available for all processor architectures.[/li]
[li] The configuration of the access to WLAN networks via the RADIUS protocol can now be configured in the Univention Management Console thanks to the new Radius app.[/li]
[li] The Debian point update 6.0.9 has been integrated. It includes a wide range of bug fixes.[/li][/ul] A detailed list about the changes can be found in the Release Notes.

Questions can be asked in the Univention Forum in the section UCS.