"UCC Image cannot be found" [bug, filed]

I’m trying UCS4.2 on a virtualized network. UCS install and UCC app went well. I’ve configured a client for “Installation w/repartitioning & image rollout” (1.png)

The client boot successfully from PXE, kernel is loaded, I see the GUI confirmation message on the client but after having accepted, I see an “UCC Image cannot be found” error message

The image IS present on the server:

(FWIW, in virtualized guest, the disk is seen as /dev/vda, not /dev/sda – see a screenshot above. I don’t think if this is relevant to that issue though)

Any clue or suggestion to identify the cause of that issue?

Some more screenshots (to overcome new user limitations :wink:

(FWIW, in the screenshot above of the virtualized guest, the disk is seen as /dev/vda, not /dev/sda. I don’t know if this is relevant to my issue though)

The “UCC Image cannot be found” message is displayed right after that latest screenshot.

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I think I’ve pinpoint the issue ( but still not the solution).

On the UCS, the nfs-kernel-server service is stopped:

If I select it, click on “start” I have a message saying the service was started. But it is not (or was stopped just afterward?)

More infos:

According to

systemctl status nfs-kernel-server

I have a scenario: The NFS service was started but has exited after its initial start because at that time /etc/exports was empty.

After that, I installed UCC, which added its onw entry to /detc/exports
I assume at some point nfs-kernel-server was restarted, BUT the new config wasn’t reloaded.

After having stopped the service from the console (journalctl stop …) and restarted it (journalctl start …) if is now running and client can connect through NFS.

I’ve rebooted the client, and apparently, it is working as it currently is downloading the image from the server.

I think I’ve encountered a bug here since the NFS server should be properly (re)started after having added an UCC image. Filed here:


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