UCC 2 64Bit?


Someone mentioned that the UCC 2.1 will be 64BIt. It would be great to have a 64bit image, since there is now software (for example vmware) which is no longer delivered in 32 bit. Also there is a huge disk i/o performance impact with the current ubuntu release in certain hardware configurations. This is also resolved by using the 64bit kernel/userland.

Do you have an approximate ETA for the UCC 2.1?


  • Folken

Hello Folken,
An ETA like “5 Days ago?” :slight_smile: --> Univention Corporate Client (UCC) 2.1 released

Jens Thorp-Hansen

Edit: I take it you mean the 64bit Release --> The manual still states “…The official UCC images are provided as i386.” - I will check that and inform you if I know more.
Edit2: I just got message: One of the reasons UCC2.1 is still 32 Bit is for example the citrix receiver, that is still 32 Bit. The underlying Ubuntu 14.04 can be 64 Bit without a hitch, but for UCC this is not planned.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I recently checked the citrix website for the receiver for another project. According to the Release Notes it supports now 64 Bit without 32bit compat libs / Multiarch.

citrix.com/downloads/citrix … -13-2.html

“Full 64 bit support, now includes the HDX Session technology. The whole 64bit package is now built 64bit, so no longer requires 32bit compatibility libraries to be installed on x86_64 platforms. (Session Launch Technology was supplied as 64 bit in 13.1)”

Could you please reconsider your stance on 64bit UCC ? :slight_smile:


  • Folken

Hi Folken,
I have put this forward internally. Thank you for your Feedback!

Jens Thorp-Hansen