Ubuntu Plasma print to ucs trouble


I don’t think pure ucs-problem. I have configure my Network-Color-Laser as Printer on my ucs 4.3.3

Print-Server: tux.gehr.lan
Windows-Name: p6021cdn
Protokoll *: socket://
Ptinter-Modell: Kyocera ECOSYS P6021cdn KPDL
access control: Allow all user/groups

I can browse: https://tux.gehr.lan:631/ -> manage -> root/pw -> manage printers -> select the P6021cdn -> testprint -> work

i have now tried in different ways to connect the printer in kde plasma. The client is a Kubuntu 18.10, joint with the ubuntu-join.

Here I try:

system-settings -> printers -> add -> manual uri:


-> next -> finish

Here I can print a testpage but when I open a pdf in ocular -> print -> selct d6021cdn -> print

nothing happen.

Any ideas?

with best


printing with KDE & CUPS (especially using okular) has been very hit & miss lately for me, mostly miss (albeit on Arch Linux, not Ubuntu). You should simply try printing with a different PDF viewer first. I use Gnome’s Evince at the moment.