Ubuntu 18.04 with UCS custom scripts


Would it be possible to integrate Ubuntu 18.04 client with UCS Custom Scripts, same occurs in the UCC client?
I have managed to solve pam_mount, cups integration, however, in UCC the functionality of Custom Scripts helped me a lot, because I perform several actions using Custom Scripts.
It would be possible to integrate into the Domain Join, or manually. How was it done at the UCC?

Best Regards,
Michael Voigt


There are currently no plans to add that feature to the domain join client.

The UCC custom start scripts feature syncs the content from an UCS NFS share to the client, and then simply executes run-parts on that directory. A small script should be able to do that, and the script can then be started when booting the Ubuntu client.

The basic functionality after mounting the NFS share at /tmp/nfsroot is:

rsync -rptv --delete --force /tmp/nfsroot/custom_start_scripts/ /usr/lib/univention-custom-start-scripts
run-parts /usr/lib/univention-custom-start-scripts


Hey, your tip was good.
Thanks, I’ll simulate here in a test environment.

Best Regards,
Michael Voigt