Troubleshooting Windows Domain-Join


The domain join of a Window client doesn?t function correctly.

Problems with domain joins can have different roots:

###1. Incorrect DNS configuration / DNS entries
The Windows client should use a domain controller as the DNS server. There should be no servers defined in the DNS SRV records that no longer exist or are currently off. This can be checked as follows:

host -al $(dnsdomainname) | grep " SRV "

###2. Incorrect time setting on Windows client
The same time must be set on the Windows client as on the domain controllers. Attention must also be paid to the correct time zone.

###3. The following message may appear following a successful domain join:

Failed to change the DNS name for the primary domain in this computer 
"'. Name "domain.local" is maintained. 
Error: The specified server can not perform the requested operation.

This indicates that the domain join has been successful, but the Windows client could not register its IP address in the DNS for its host name. There can be a number of reasons for this. On a Windows 7 system, which exclusively uses IPv6, then should be observed. By default Windows clients attempt to register their IP address with the DNS server after every system start. This procedure can also be performed manually by a Windows administrator in the Windows command line using:

ipconfig /registerdns

Alternatively, the DNS entries can be edited via the DNS module of the Univention Management Control.