Translation: How to change one label?


Our UCS offers English and German language, and we are using the selfservice portal to allow our users to change their personal data.

Unfortunately, the LDAP ‘title’ attribute uses the German label ‘Anrede’ in the portal - which implies you may enter ‘Mr./Mrs.’ or ‘Herr/Frau’. But we want to use that attribute only for academic titles, so we would like to change the German label to ‘Titel’.

I saw some pointers on how to build a new language pack but that seems to be a bit overkill for such a simple change - so: Is there a simple way to change only that single label and keep all the rest the same?

Thanks very much!

Hey @mab777,

As I know you can directly change the label in the portal’s code or configuration settings. Look for the specific language file or section related to labels, find the entry for ‘Anrede,’ and replace it with ‘Titel’ for the ‘title’ attribute.

Make sure to test the change thoroughly to ensure it doesn’t impact other functionalities.


Hi @jamesbolt,

thanks very much for your help! Do you have some more specifics on where exactly I should look for the specific language file or section related to labels?