Time appears is NOT rolling forward correctly, on shutdown sytem

After the UCS has been off for an extended time period, when on a VM such as “vmware”

It appears it is NOT utilizing the correct time/ timezone after re-power on, if there is any sort of “battery” or other issue on teh main hardware , or if the underlying HW has obtained an incorrect time in the bios.

Ideally BEFORE the systems launch & samba comes up, it should be doing an NTP time server sync, to ensure the base system time is correct BEFORE starting critical systems.

We have seen several situations where the VM comes back up , with a system time 8 hours behind, only for univention to start samba & other services before performing an NTP sync.

Then issuing all the clients with an incorrect time, causing havoc in the installation.

This does not happen to other systems / linux / windows systems that are non univention. even if they are foo for extended time.