Thunderbird calendar connect to UCS Kopano

i used with thunderbird my kopano on the synology. Now the harddrive is defect and i
like to use kopano on my ESXi as an virtual machine to store my calendar.
It works fine with a browser to connct to the calendar but it won´t work
with thunderbird from Windows like it does with the synology kopano.
I tried different settings, but i think i dont have the correct syntax to connect to the calendar.
Can´t find any manual how describes what do fill in the fields.
Any help welcome.

Peter Goersch

Hi @Ssky,

the user documentation for this feature can be found at

Thank you, i found that manual, but it won´t work.
What is the name of the calendar? is it Kalender like german oder calendar like english?
I tried every thing without any seccess…
Is there any thing to write into a config file on etc/kopano/…
ehere can i find the calendar file under linux-filesystem…

The name of the calendar is the same as displayed in WebApp. So “calendar” if your store was created with an english locale, or “kalender” if the store was created with a german locale.

You could always change the log level of kopano-ical to have more verbose logging. Changing configuration options for UCS is explained in

The actual calendar data is stored in an InnoDB database in Kopano, not directly on the filesystem.

I did it, but still get the message-windows “MODIFICATION_FAILED” when i try to make an entry.

and what do the logs say?

where can i find the logs?

I did the calendar with my synology and stop to search the solutions for UCS an kopano.
15 minutes and it is up an running instead of 7 days of desaster with kopano.
I think, the problem is to finde the name of the calendar…

I tested with em-client an the URL is like:

In german the name is Kalender

For public Calendars use public instead of Benutzername