There are unprocessed files in the app listener directories


I installed updates on my UCS machines today. During this process, the update:

OX Connector: Version 2.2.8 can be upgraded to 2.2.9

was installed on the replica node running OX. When I run system diagnostics on this host, I receive the error:

“There are unprocessed files in the app listener directories.”

This test checks for unprocessed files in the app listener directory /var/lib/univention-appcenter/listener/$AppName/ and in the listener converter directory /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/$AppName/data/ of installed apps. Currently, there are unprocessed files in these directories. This could either mean that the affected app is currently processing these files or there is an issue with one of the app queues. More information can be found in the app log files at /var/log/univention/. The ox-connector listener has 102 unprocessed files.

However, I cannot find any errors in the Appcenter log. OX appears to be functioning normally.

Where can I start to resolve this issue?

with best

The Troubleshooting section of the OX Connector documentation has informations where to look at.