The update to UCS 4.4-2 is blocked because of Kopano and Lets encrypt

I have UCS 4.4-0 and Kopano 8.7.5.

I can’t do an Update to 4.4-2.
The console tells me this:

Die momentan installierte Version ist 4.4-0 errata243.
Weitere Releaseupdates sind verfügbar, können jedoch nicht installiert werden. Die Komponenten ‘z-push-kopano_20180604171139’, ‘letsencrypt_20180502160810’, ‘kopano-webapp_20180604160528’, ‘kopano-core_20180614141952’ sind noch nicht für neuere Release-Aktualisierungen bereitgestellt worden.

It’s the same like this topic:

I deactivated the kopano repos, but I have still the problem.

Does anybody of you have an idea?


Oh, I found something interesting!
On UCS at repositories, there are these repositories that the updater find faulty.
I deactivate them and then I try again!

Have you followed the answer I gave you on that topic? kopano-core_20180614141952 is quite old the latest app version is in kopano-core_20190418110013.

PS: it would probably be helpful to include the output of univention-app info in your post.