The query you have entered yields too many matching entries

Could not fulfill the request.
Server error message:
The query you have entered yields too many matching entries. Please narrow down your search by specifying more query parameters. The current size limit of 2000 can be configured with the UCR variable directory/manager/web/sizelimit.
Hi, i have installed UCS 5.0 (updated to latest packages) and while adding users (imported from a mysql database), i got a look at the progression by going to the users widget to see the result of the running process.
At the end of the this first import there should be around 81k users in the UCS server.
I could follow the advice and rise the directory/manager/web/sizelimit variable, but this could lead to a huge amount of memory consumed by this process. As the number of users could approach the asymptotic limit of 270k, what tweaks should i consider to the UCR variables ?

I modified the directory/manager/web/modules/autosearch to 0 and this worked. I am now presented with the search bar, so i could refine my search, instead of an error message.