Thank you for the Univention Summit 2024

Dear Univention,

Just wanted to thank you for organizing the summit and making it available online. This gave me a chance to look at open source, cloud and AI from your (German) perspective. It is encouraging to see that not all nations fall for the “cheap”/“easy” solutions offered by the global few. It’s good to hear that companies like yourself, nextcloud, owncloud, OX and collabora are offering products allowing customers to make a choice, to manage their data as their like and to live happy. :wink:

My German is a bit rusty but I did enjoy every session I had chance to listen to.
Once again, many thanks and I hope you will organize a similar event next year.


ps. I didn’t get a reminder about the Friday session, and it wasn’t available through the link for Thursday. This way I missed some of the more technical workshops. Maybe next time you can make it a bit clearer as to how to see both days.