Testing opportunities for App Center apps in development


I am trying to create a package for the Univention App Center and would like to be able to test my package and meta files privately. If I upload a package to upload.univention.de/, will it be private but still possible to have it show up in my local app center so that I can identify potential issues before I publish it anywhere? I can’t really find anything in the developer reference about what actually happens when I upload a package to aforementioned page. I would like to get a better idea of the process before I upload anything, if possible.

Thanks in advance!


we put the packages that you upload in a “Test App Center”. You can activate that on your local system and try out the packages. We do not publish anything to the “real” App Center unless you confirmed that your application works as you expect it to.

Just upload the packages along with the meta files (ini, logo, maybe screenshot and README files) and we will send you an email with instructions how to test the new application.

Further details can be found at docs.univention.de/app-tutorial-4.0.html (specifically chapter 5 and 6).

Dirk Wiesenthal