TecArt AD Fails to sync user accounts

Just installed TecArt (Docker container) and added Domain Users group to the TecArt Users Group via the App Center module in a newly minted USC 4.2 installation.

I’ve successfully bound computers to the AD, so DNS is clearly configured and working correctly.

On the TecArt app, I’m able to login with the default ‘root’ account and update the pass and language settings. I’ve also verified the AD connection test is successful. However, none of the AD user objects I’ve created and added to the TecArt group are displaying in the Users section of the Administration panel of the TecArt web app. I’m unable to log into the app using an account created in the LDAP/AD.

Where do we start identifying where this is going sideways in order to resolve this issue?

Using the root access to the TecArt app you should be able to see an entry in the log under “Administration -> Error Log”. If this is empty, try checking the auto update box and then leaving it open while logging in with another browser/session.

Thank you for the response. I’ll test and report back findings.