Takeover seemingly successful after some hickups but


I recently replaced my Windows Server 2008 with UCS.

The AD takeover went not too smoothly as I had to manually start some of the S4 takeover scripts and add the old server’s IP to UCS’s network interfaces.

Logging in to the network with the clients worked after that, so I thought everything fine.


1st problem:
In the system diagnostic I find the following warnings which seem all to relate to the old server (or to be more precise: the old server’s name) not being present anymore.

S4 connector rejects:
UCS rejected: UCS DN: cn=DC Slave Hosts,cn=groups,dc=DOMAINNAME,dc=local,S4 DN: not found, Filename: /var/lib/univention-connector/

KDC service check:
The following KDCs were unreachable: tcp OLDSERVER.DOMAINNAME.local:88, udp OLDSERVER.DOMAINNAME.local:88

There’s also a samba replicaton problem but as I don’t use any samba shares I will leave this for another time…

2nd problem:
After replacing one computer with a new one (in fact only the system disk) I had already set up (including domain join) while the old server was still running, I can’t log on to the domain because the trust relationship doesn’t exist for this computer.
Joining a new computer to the domain works but I can’t change the computer’s name with the following error message:
“There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper”

nltest /dsgetdc:domainname
on a Windows machine shows me the UCS server’s IP address (NOT the one I added from the old server, the one it had originally).
Adding this IP to the WINS entries and moving it to the top does not change the behaviour described above regarding changing a computer’s name but the error message changes to “Network path not found.”

So maybe it would help to alter the systems name to the old server’s name?
As is described here:

Many thanks for your support!



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Hi, it’s likely the takeover didn’t finish so it didn’t remove the following:

ucr unset samba4/dcerpc/endpoint/drsuapi

systemctl restart samba-ad-dc