Takeover of AD child domain

Hello everyone,

We have an AD forest with a child domain that needs to be separated out. We thought this would be a great opportunity to try out UCS … Unfortunately, we get an error that the LDAP base on the child domain is not the same as the UCS base.

Is there a way that we can manually specify some sort of LDAP base translation from old child domain to new UCS domain? Has anyone done anything like this before, or have any suggestions on how we can get this to work?

– Laz

I don’t think AD takeover of subdomains is supported or even possible. Maybe one of the Univention staff members here can weigh in.

I’m hoping that it is.

Since the subdomain would not have any of the schema master roles, or enterprise admins, those would just have to be available within UCS domain, and then everything else exported/imported. I do know that Samba doesn’t support subdomains as a domain controller. But should be able to connect into the old domain to access the objects. We do have a few servers that are member servers in child domains …

Looking forward to learning more.

Thanks for the response.