System Diagnostic in Shell?



Running two VMs on a NAS system and the GUI management fails to load consistently over the WAN link. I attribute that issue to the NAS and network settings than to the install.

I do, however, want to run the System Diagnostics to verify everything else. Can the System Diagnostics script be run from the shell?



That subject was broached several times during the talks of the last Univention Summit a couple of weeks ago. At the moment this isn’t possible. Univention is aware that this is something a lot of people would really like to see, though, and they have stated that it is their goal to have a CLI version available

Note that there is something that looks like a CLI version of the system diagnosis module — but it isn’t really. The system check scripts are tools developed for use by their support team for quickly gathering an overview of the state of a system. As such it works more or less independent of the UCS version it is run on — unlike the UMC module “system diagnosis” which is highly version dependent. Both tools contain a different set of checks. If I remember correctly, the stated goal is to unify both code bases and to provide a CLI tool equivalent of what the UMC module “system diagnosis” does in the future.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation to that question Moritz! Not what I wanted to hear, but very glad to know I’m not alone. :slight_smile: