Syncing contacts between open-xchange, nextcloud, and otrs


we are using otrs, open-xchange and nextcloud. Users in all system are authenticated against ldap
from ucs.
Unfortunately contacts (esp external contacts) are handled in all system separately. So we can access
contacts of all internal users via ldap, but external users are distributed about several address books in
open-xchange, nextcloud and otrs.

So I am looking for ways to synchronize these information between the augmented systems. And I am also
looking for some organizational hints. How do you handle this situation in your organization? I would like
to find a way to let the user organize their contacts without involving the IT (thus I consider storing
external contacts in ldap a bad idea).


PS: syncing calenders between open-xchange and nextcloud would also be very nice…

Hi @valpo,

I’d say that, out of the box, this is not implemented. But in UCS’s Ldap you’ll find the type addressbook entry, as described here: 6. Benutzerverwaltung — Univention Corporate Server - Handbuch für Benutzer und Administratoren

However, managing your contact-data in UCS LDAP maybe an option, because your applications already have access to the ldap, anyway. As far as I remember, at least in OTRS you could sync customers via ldap addressbook.


It seems Open-Xchange has a contacts provider feature as well: