Synchronize calender - Any Ideas?

Hello all,

right now we run a kopano calender on a raspi based on ubuntu. i have to change the calender to an UCS Kopano calendar. UCS is up and running. does anybody have an idea how i can get the calendar datas from the raspi into the ucs-kopano-calendar? Is it possible to copy any files?

thanks in advanced for any ideas…

I found a solution by myself: MS-Outlook!

For those who are interested:

  1. the Kopano Outlook Addin have to be installed and working.
  2. Setup a Kopano-Account in Outlook with the old kopano calendar which should be copied.
  3. When the Account is running go to Calender and change to listview
  4. copy all entries or the entries you want, to your local outlook calendar (it is the best when this local outlook-calender is a empty one!!!)
  5. when the copying is done delete the account in outlook an setup the new kopano-account on the new or other kopano-server. Go to the new outlook-calendar (listview) and copy the local outlook-calendar to the kopano-calendar.

Note: i have integrated the the public holidays by outlook menu before so now they are in kopano-calendar as well!

This is surely no enterprise-solution because you have this process to do for all kopano-accounts you want to be copied.