Sync shares from Primary UCS to Backup UCS

I am trying to find the best way to setup a remote UCS backup server. I want to have a hot offsite backup of UCS that is connected over a VPN. So if the primary goes down the DNS for the VPN changes to the backup location and users can continue to work with all files currently up to time the primary location went down.

I have setup UCS primary with roaming profiles and shares. This works. Then added the DC backup UCS server. It doesn’t contain the shares, but does have them listed for the primary in the interface. Windows DCs seems to sync this to backup when using windows servers. I looked in the shares and don’t see a way to have it use both Primary and Backup UCS servers. I figured there should be a way to have it sync and use both. Then in the group policy use variables for the server based on the server the user connected to ( the Primary or Backup UCS server).

Is there a way to achieve this design?

Thanks in advance!