SuiteCRM exposed on port 443

I have my SuiteCRM app up and running on univention server. It works really well. Question is that I want to make it available publicly, but don’t want the other apps to be published on the outside. How do I change the default document root so that only the suitecrm app is made available outside our network. Currently, when you go to the page, it is providing the default apps page with the apps. Then I click on the SuiteCRM app and it sends me there for the login. I would prefer to keep everything behind the firewall and only have apache for the suitecrm.



to change the default for Apache you can set the UCR variable apache2/startsite to (guessed “/suitecrm”.
Please note that users can still access other sites if they know the URL. Refer to How-to: Restrict Access to UMC by IP-Ranges to get an idea how to block unwanted access. URLs for UCS 5 may differ,


Thank you. We will probably stay behind the VPN for now.