SuiteCRM database access and password

Hi, guys. I installed SuiteCRM via a Univention virtual machine.

I am trying to find documentation/guidance on how to access the SuiteCRM database directly. Also, how to access FTP of the SuiteCRM installation directory.

I looked over the Univention documentation and knowledgebase but there is no clear reference how to access the databases of the installed applications within.

Thank you in advance. Just point me to the right place and I will orient myself.

BR - Hristo

Hello @hristo_stefanov,

SuiteCRM uses MySQL installed on the same UCS host as the app itself. The password to SuiteCRM database in that MySQL instance is stored in the file /etc/suitecrm_db.secret.

Best regards,

Thank you, Nico. Could you maybe point me to some documentation where I could read more on the topic?


I am unable to open any .secret file - says access denied


sudo less /etc/<filename>
and type in the root password, if you are asked for.