Subscriptions of shared folders according to usergroup

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is there a way to auto subscribe shared folders in dovecot? For example, a user is in group A,B and C. These groups have access to different shared folders in dovecot. (group A : project1-mailbox, group B : project2-mailbox …)
When onboarding new users, it would be really useful, if they allready could see all the mailboxes available for them.

Another szenario is a shared dovecot folder for all users of a domain. Is it possible to autosubscribe such a folder as explained here How-to: Manage Default Dovecot Folders Through UCR Variables:



Dovecot itself supports both auto-creating and auto-subscribing to certain mailboxes. See this wiki entry for examples how that would look in a config file. The file /etc/dovecot/conf.d/15-mailboxes.conf included in the default Dovecot package on UCS contains the same stuff, more or less.

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