Strategy for synchronizing home and data directories


i run three ubuntu clients on ucs-4.4. one desktop and two notebooks. The desktop PC gets its home and the data directories via nfs from the server because it is permanently connected. with notebooks this is not so easy because they are often disconnected from the network.

The directories are located on the server:

/data/ Correspondence

as soon as the notebooks are connected to the lan a defined selection of directories should be syncronized. Is something like this possible? Maybe with NextCloud on the local server?

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with mobile devices you would like to have something that is like windows profiles or apple mobile homes.
You could achive this via logon an logoff scripts in Ubuntu that syncs your home dirs as a local copy
Nextcloud would be a good solution although. If you have many users with changing devices the management will be a nightmare.

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no, the situation mentioned is a user with his three devices (1xPC, 2xNotebook). The other users with their devices work locally with static nfs-clients (on the same directories)


have a look at Syncthing. Works for me like a charm between mobile phone, Windows client, Linux server and 2 Linux notebooks.
EDIT: I suggest to download the latest version from

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll take a look at the documentation.