Steps after a Backup2Master

Backup2Master becomes a more common step to switch from baremetal to vm. This is described in a Cool-Solution-Article.

But after a backup2master scenario there are a few steps to do and some preferences to review.
First you should check, if the master still exists in some ucr variables.

ucr search --brief --value <oldMasterName> 
ucr search --brief --value <oldMasterIP>

The DNS hostentries should be checked, e.g.

udm dns/host_record list --superordinate zoneName=test.local,cn=dns,dc=test,dc=local

To check the policies you should use the UMC. Here you search for entries which contains or references the oldMaster entries or the old ipaddress.

To Cleanup your environment please remove all values or references to the old master.

– work in progress –