SSO SAML page not found


After tryn to recreate the office365 connect do all the steps after try the login i’m redirect but then i get NOT FOUND page when trye o reach https://ucs-sso.internal.local/simplesamlphp/

Any clue what is wrong?

By looking at the URL it seems a supplement IDP should be configured, see our extended SAML documentation.

Is the there a UCR variable set to create the IdP, and has the apache2 service been reloaded?
The IdP metadata should then be accessible at https://ucs-sso.internal.local/simplesamlphp/

Hello, the first time (office 2 i guess) i don’t need do nothing of that…

In fact this “new” url in the past wont happen… the alias was defaultADconnection and the url don’t have the

Okay, then where did you get the URL to the SAML IDP with your domain part ( in it? Are you synchronising users into one Azure AD or into multiple ADs?

/usr/share/univention-office365/scripts/manage_adconnections list should only show one connection, with the alias defaultADconnection

@damrose i have issues with the office365 connectot with latest updates… then i try remove the office 365 connector and install it again… but the issues start with an upgrade that reports office 365 isn’t installed… and then it wen down road…

Today i remove the app in azure remove office365 connector, redo everything… and then the url is that…

Maybe the remove wasn’t happen the right way… don’t know

I remove all the connections… recreate a defaultADconnection… redo all the wizard steps… it appear to be ok now.

For some reason the new “install” is creating a new connection because the default isn’t deleted?

Thanks for the pointers

It’s nice to hear that it is now working for your environment.

There may be different expectations what should happen on an actual or accidental office365 app removal. In your case you also deleted the Azure specific part of the integration, which is not what every other admin would do.

That is why the package tries not to remove every setting upon removal.