SSH Port extern dedicated IP Adress


Hello, folks,
I’m running on a V server on Internet UCS.
Which UCR variable must I set, that only a certain IP address externally (My Fixed IP) has access to the SSH port.

Thank you very much for your help
MFG Sauk Cat


Hallo Leute,
ich hab auf einen V Server im Internet UCS am laufen.
Welche UCR Variable muss ich setzen, das nur eine bestimmte IP Adresse extern (Meine Feste IP) auf den SSH Port zugriff hat.

Danke schon mal für Eure Hilfe
MFG Saukatz



I am unsure if sshd at all can block incoming requests based on IPs. I would try to user the firewall for this purpose.
Check developer reference, you can set filter rules based on ucr-variables. See here.
First I would create a rule with your IP and “allow” followed by a rule for all with policy “block” for all other addresses.

If you prefer to do with iptables, you can use .local files- see above mentioned doc.



See option 3 in


Thank you for the suggestions. I will test.
MFG Saukatz