SSH login doesn't create kerberos ticket

I got some Univention servers (domain controller, domain backup, slaves and member servers); my home directories sit on a dedicated member server and are shared through smb as well as NFSv4 with kerberos (sec=krb5p). When I log in with ssh on a member server, I get a kerberos ticket and my home directory. So far, so good.
But if I log in on my domain controller or domain backup, I don’t get any ticket. And so my home directory can not mount.
I think I have to change the settings on my sshd_config on these servers. Or what is wrong with my setup?

I don’t know, why it works on some servers and doesn’t on others. But I found the solution here.

On my Mac I added these 2 lines to ~/.ssh/config

GSSAPIAuthentication yes
GSSAPIDelegateCredentials yes