Squid in UCS does really support HTTPS caching?

I read this in the Appcenter on the Squid Proxy App:

The app uses the established proxy server application Squid and supports the protocols HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.

I’ve spend a lot of hours with Ubuntu, Redhat and Gentoo to get HTTP Proxy/Cache working. But no success. So my question does this really work with this proxy on UCS?


check the wordings:
Squid in UCS does support the protocol https://. It does not support caching of https:// contents.

So you can configure your clients to use Squid for https://. Squid will accept and forward requests through https://. As the content is encrypted it will not cache it.

If you want Squid to cache https:// content you need to do some further steps which are all (in some way) not recommended.


Ah ok, i understand, thank you. And yes Caching HTTPS traffic is really weird. I’m curious if I can really do this with HTTPS caching. Would be a great thing.

Ehhmm…no. It wouldn’t be. To perform https:// caching you need to break the encryption. And use fake certificates.
You really don’t want to do this.


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