Something to consider - Misleading message

Hello guys,

          I am writing you because the following message
* Please make a page reload of UMC and login again *

          mislead an administrator to think an upgrade process finished while this is not true.   Please consider adding something to this message or jut use it when the process  REALLY FINISHED!

just a thought,


Can you describe your scenario in detail?
If you see this message everything should have went okay, so if there is an error-case that is not considered, we need to know.

The error is created by and admin user interrupting a process that hasn’t finished while this message is displayed. You have to consider all the scenarios ( Web and Console). I am just sharing something I am frequently seeing. After this message usually what happens is that the system (looks like stall) but is actually retrieving information to continue if necessary on the next upgrade.

Rolando Riley