Some questions about setting up my first app

I am attempting to setup Sogo as a Univention app. I currently have it running on it’s own as a separate container on a different machine working with my own UCS system. In looking over the app development docs I am trying to understand some things before I go off down the wrong road.

  1. I see in the docs that the app portal can setup a database for the app. In my current container I have postgres installed and a db running in it. When setting up the app in the portal should I use the portal to specify the db and then not have postgres installed in the container? Will this db survive uninstalls and upgrades?

  2. I also have apache in the container which is mainly just proxying for the application itself which runs on it’s own port and has it’s own web server. Would it be better to leave apache out of the container and just provide some config for the apache that is already running in the UCS? It’s a pretty basic config, but uses a few modules that are already running on my UCS system.

  3. The app I’m working with is open source, but the release version can only be installed with a paid support contract, or by compiling the source code directly. There is a nightly version that can be installed without compiling or a support contract. For versioning purposes it seems like compiling release versions in the container would be the thing to do, but that also seems complicated and slow. Is there any option available for supplying packages to be put in a Univention repository somewhere?

Hopefully some of you guys with some experience can point me in the right direction on these before I go off and make a bunch of mistakes while trying to sort this out for the first time. Thanks.