[SOLVED] Move docker container to non Univention servers

I have SuiteCRM running on an old Univention 4 app server. I can’t upgrade it, since SuiteCRM support was dropped. I now also cannot upgrade from 5.0-3 errata734 on my AD server because it complains about the Univention 4 server.

My only option (I think) is to move SuiteCRM off the Univention server to a plain Debian docker server.

My question is, is it possible to move a Univention docker container to a plain Debian server? Has anyone done so?


It looks like it was easier than I thought.

I simply created a Debian 11 VM, installed LAMP, copied over the proper http dir, did a mysqldump and import, and it seems to be working.

I didn’t move the docker container.

When moving SuiteCRM to a new server, things fall apart when you remove the SuiteCRM App from Univention. Users will no longer be able to log in on the new system.

Make sure you know the password for UCSADmin on SuiteCRM, so you can log in and change how it talks to the LDAP/AD server.

I had to edit the SuiteCRM DB to set the UCSAdmin password to gain access, and it was a pain.

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