[solved] Access to smb shares




I have a latest UCS running using it mainly with Kopano and Nextcloud. Now I want to switch existing SMB shares to the UCS server as well.

The server has 2 network cards. 1 has a public IP assigned for all real public services which is also the primary network device and the second is connected to the LAN. After several tries without any luck connecting from LAN (Win10 without being joined to the domain) by using \ in the explorer I recognized by running netstat -tlpn that the ports for SMB services are only assigned to the public IP and the loopback IP. How can I assign SMB services to the LAN IP/ device?




Hello Andy,
afaik you can set this via UCR on the command-line:

ucr set samba/interfaces/bindonly='yes' \

Web-Interface of UCR also works :wink:



Thank you! That did the trick!