Simple local backup/restore solution for a basic configuration


I’m a novice. I’m warning you :wink:

I’ve Nexcloud and OpenProject installed on local server and I look for a simple local backup solution of these instances/containers (db/files, otherwise just db).
I would like store this backup on an simple external storage (and probably online in the future).
I’ve tried apps available on the market (Bacula, Bareos), but it seems me these are neither easy-to-use solutions nor intended for a local backup.

Otherwise I’ll probably go to a CentOS installation with Docker, I’m pretty sure to find a backup solution that suits me…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Univention is Debian based, which Backup solution do you expect to find that is available for CentOS and not for Debian?

Have a look at rsnapshot.

You will have to do steps for database backup before, though.

The ‘simple’ backup seems to be quite complex. A good description can be found here: