Should I update PHP inside Wordpress App (7.3 to 7.4)


I’ve checked my wordpress admin page and it suggests to update my PHP from 7.3 to 7.4 as that is the current stable release and has been for some time. The univention app center doesn’t show an update for the wordpress app. I believe that the app provider for the wordpress containerized application will provide updates when needed and I shouldn’t go and update packages inside the container myself, correct?

I have some general questions about this:
The univention appliance has its own PHP package and version. Will a univention app always have its own containerized PHP version that the app manages or could there be a setup where the app uses the PHP version of the OS? If yes how can I tell? I know that I can check with

univention-app shell wordpress
php-config --version
>> 7.3.10

but I wonder what would happen if the wordpress app were to hypothetically use the appliances PHP if that was even possible.

Are there any plans to move the wordpress app to PHP 7.4? I am not fit to judge if staying on 7.3 is bad or not. I’m mostly just curious since Wordpress itself suggests to update to it: Get a faster, more secure website: update your PHP today – Forums

Thank you in advance for any answer!


I am facing the same problem. The wordpress container in the UCS app store seems to be three years old.
What has to be done to get a newer wordpress container into the app store?