Shortening link

can we shorten the http link for the univention services?


over a bad phone line to a user & having to spell each letter?

would be way more useful


well, just create an alias for Apache that redirects to the appropriate URL. For example, drop this in “/etc/apache2/conf.d/custom.conf” and reload Apache by running “service apache2 reload”:

Redirect permanent /reset /uninvention-self-service/#passwordreset

Then you can visit “https://FQDN/reset”.

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I am aware we can fool about with apatche.
I was looking for a slightly less messy approach, redirects can get forgotten after a few months…

Do you really consider “/reset” (or whatever else you chose to use) to be more difficult to remember than “/uss/#pasresest”? Especially with only a single “s” in “pas”? And there’s nothing messy with this solution; in fact it’s rather clean, upgrade-safe and doesn’t mess around with any of the system files at all.


We want to strip out all the “confusion”, the lick can be confusing to some users ,

because then they start asking about “univention”
Then some corporate droids go on about “branding & aesthetics”

We would be happy if the plugin managed it

I don’t subscribe to the believe that users are dumb and must be protected from anything they don’t know. Treat users with respect and they usually return the favor and treat you with respect. What’s wrong with saying that “Univention is the server operating system we’re using”? Do you really think this will fly over the head of people? Do you also hide the product name of all the other applications in use in your company?

To get back to your problem: I’m pretty sure there is no simple way to make the password reset functionality appear with a different URL. You can muck around with Apache’s configuration, of course. The file to modify is /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/apache2/sites-available/univention-self-service, the template from which the actual configuration snippet is generated. Change it, run “ucr commit /etc/apache2/sites-available/univention-self-service” in order to re-build the configuration, and “service apache2 reload” for applying it.