Shares permissions samba4

What is the correct way to share a folder and give to that share permissions for more than one user without create groups?

The inside folders keep only get the special permissons and never the the “full” ntfs permissions


I usually do this from a Windows workstation: navigate to the network share, create a folder, then edit the folder’s security settings and add the user(s) you want to give access to.

You should be able to achieve the same result with setfacl from the command line.

Does this not work for you?

Forgot to post the solution i found.

In UCS shares i set permission to users with permission can change permissions, confused? Yes, i’m too, but that work.

The problem i found/have is that i must have a shareXPTO and inside of that share i already have a lot of folders (~30) with different permissions, that are imported from old windows domain.

I think know i pass the problem.