Shares not accesible from windows only netlogon and sysvol

Suddenly this week, all my shares are not accesible from windows client. Whent i browse the server all i coul see are the netlogon and sysvol directory.
Can anyone help.
Thank You In Advance


can you see the shares when executing “smbclient -NL servername” (replace with actual server name, of course) on Linux?

Have you tried restarting the Samba server (the software component, not the full server)? If not give it a try (“service samba restart”) and then run the smbclient command from above to see if that makes a difference.

If they still don’t show up then make sure the shares are still present in the UCS LDAP directory. Run the following and post its output: “udm shares/share list|grep ‘^DN:’”

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