Shares from UVMM (Win) in Domain


I recently set up my first UCS and everything is working fine. I only have a short question, I have a Windows running under UVMM and want to share a folder from the VM in the domain, who can tell me how to do this? On my old server I implemented this with ViritualBox and the Guest Additions, but unfortunately I don’t know about my UCS.

Many thanks for your help!


Ich habe vor kurzem meinen ersten UCS aufgesetzt und alles funktioniert soweit einwandfrei. Nur eine kurze Frage habe ich, ich habe unter UVMM ein Windows laufen und möchte nun einen Ordner aus der VM in der Domäne freigeben, wer kann mir sagen wie ich das umsetzen kann? Auf meinem alten Server habe ich das mit ViritualBox und den Guest Additions realisiert, nur mein UCS weis ich leider nicht weiter.

Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe!


English is the preferred language here. Let me know if you have issues with this.

To share files got to the web frontend (UMC) -> Domain -> Shares.

Configure your shares accordingly. Oh, and we have som good documentation.

That’s it.



thanks for the correction. I have already tried the tutorial. Normal shares are not a problem, but I would like to share a folder from the viritual machine (Windwos in UVMM) for the domain. However, this is not explained in the tutorial.

Can someone give me a hint here?

Thank you!


afaik there is no proper possibility to archieve your goal. There is some description how you can access the filesystem of the virtual disk. But be aware you will corrupt your filesystem if you perform writes while the virtual machine is running.



thank you for your response. I think that’s a pity, this has always worked on ViritualBox without any problems.