Setup of the UCS AD connector

I want to do the following task: I have a Microsoft AD, and I want to join UCS and in the future it will be the only one that responds, for them, according to the documentation, I must use the Active Directory Connection application, but I don’t know how I should initially configure my UCS, if as part of the domain and configure them as a replica, or if on the contrary completely separate and then configure only from the application.


it depends on what you want to do with UCS in your AD-domain. The two available modes are described in the documentation: 9.2. Active Directory Connection where you can also find information on which UCS role to choose.
In case you want to do a Takeover you should first read 9.3. Migrating an Active Directory domain to UCS using Univention AD Takeover which explains the requirements.


Hi ahrnke.
I have already seen what I want to do, and that is for the UCS domain to work in parallel with the AD domain, which is the second option. I have been exploring that option and I still have some doubts about whether in the future I will cancel the UCS domain. AD, how is UCS working? Would it be necessary to make changes to the machines that were already in the AD domain so that they now work in UCS?


during the past year I had a couple of projects using the AD Takeover. In some of them I used the Member-Mode in the early project stages. Beside creating a computer account in AD this is not doing harmful things in the Windows environment.
One can also think about running the first steps of the AD Takeover. The process can be stopped and resumed durings its stages.
The main benefit of the Takeover is that the machines that are already joined to the Windows domain will continue to do so without the need of a reconfiguration. At least regarding their domain functionality. Of course you will have to look at the handling of fileshares and applications inside the domain.