Settings in the mail server

Hi all,

I am using the excellent Univention Corporate Server, but I have some doubts with the mail server:

  1. I have several users created with the default value in mail / antispam / requiredhits 5. I want to make adjustments for example to 4. The existing users must do it personally in Horde web client or can I make the change and all will take the new setting?
  2. I need to make certain adjustments to the extensions of the allowed attachments. Where can it be done?

Thank you.

Best regards!

Hi @demol,

you can adjust it by setting the ucr variable

ucr set mail/antispam/requiredhits="4.0"


This does not change the default.sieve scripts for existing users (for example /var/spool/dovecot/private/DOMAIN/test/sieve/default.sieve). I do not think there is an override or simple solution for this, maybe you can change the default sieve sript for the existing users, compile and replace the existing filter:

sievec sieve/default.sieve dovecot.svbin
# replace the existing filter

Attention: This will not be reflected to the Horde Webfrontend. Next time the users edit their filters with horde, the score will propably reset to the horde default again.

The allowed attachments are defined in /etc/amavis/conf.d/60-univention, you need to edit the template /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/amavis/conf.d/60-univention, commit the file with cd /etc/amavis/conf.d && ucr commit 60-univention and restart amavis and spamassassin.

Hi crbble,

Thanks for the tips.

I run a system diagnosis:

Errors found by univention-check-templates. The following UCR files are modified locally. Updated versions will be named FILENAME.dpkg-*. The files should be checked for differences.


Will there be problems in the future with that change?

Best regards!

Usually not (we had no problems in the last 2 years), but a major update of Amavis or Spamassassin with a heavily changed configuration file will break the setup. You should check the differences after the installation of updates with something like:

diff /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/amavis/conf.d/60-univention /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/amavis/conf.d/60-univention.dpkg-*

This should only give you the lines that you changed, otherwise you have to investigate.