Setting up multiple email domains to all arrive in users mailbox

I am migrating from an SBS2011 with Exchange 2010 to Kopano. In my old systems I had a number of email domains (, so if an email was sent to wolf at aa dot com or wolf at aa dot de, it would arrive in my mailbox. How do I set up the same multi email domains in Kopano? Hopefully just as simply as in Exchange:

Hi @WolfG,

I don’t think this is something that the Univention configuration can do out of the box, but can otherwise easily be achieved by customizing postfix:

The changes mentioned in that article need to go into the local override file on your ucs system.

Thats no Problem with UCS and Kopano,

Just add all Domains in the UCS Domain/email config and add the second domain email address to the users as alternate address in the advanced user settings

I’ve this on some customers too