ImportError: No module named MAPI.Util

Following the suggestion in:

I tried the
But I get the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 2, in
from MAPI.Util import *
ImportError: No module named MAPI.Util

I use UCS 4.4-8 errata 995
Kopano Core:
Kopano WebApp

No idea anyone?
I’d really need help here.

Hi @Hans,

that sounds like you are running it with the wrong version of Python or like the python-mapi package is not installed for the version of Python you are running.

If you use the setup in a production environment it is always recommended to also purchase a Kopano subscription. This give you on one hand access to updated packages (the above error being a bug in said version is not out of the question) and also gives you direct access to the Kopano support.

The python version was the hint I needed. I just used:
python3 username
to set the default signature.

It seems to work for outside emails but the inline image in the signature gets stripped for emails within the family. Very strange …