Set up openid for kopano-meet


I make my first steps with OpenID to test Kopano-Meet afterwards.
I have installed the OpenID-Provider on the UCS-Master (4.4.6) I did not make any changes to the configuration.
Host: srv01.mydomain.local (IP:
Kopano (Core, WebApp, z-Push, Meet) are installed on a UCS member (4.4.6).
Host: com01.mydomain.local (IP:
From a client I can call the URL:

There is also a UCS backup in the network
Host: backup01.mydomain.local (IP:
In the “First steps” it says
“If the app is installed on DC Master or Backup, make sure that it is also installed on all other servers that can be reached under the ucs-sso DNS CNAME”.

I have checked the DNS. The CNAME “sso-ucs” points to both (Master & Backup:, Is this correct?

I have not made any changes to the DNS & LDAP yet.

Do I have to add “openid-connect-provider” in User -> Account -> SAML Settings?

with best

The link:
only works temporarily. Can this have anything to do with the UCS backup?
How can I solve this?

Hi @pixel,

what does “only works temporarily” mean?


Little feedback. On the UCS this does not need to be added in the user because “openid-connect-provider” is automatically added in the group “Domain Users”.

Exception: If in the app settings of openid-connect-provider the option:
"Do not add the SAML configuration to the Domain Users group. "
is activated.

It behaves somewhat strangely. For testing I restart my desktop (Ubuntu 20.04 / Firefox) and call the URL:

Sometimes I get redirected to the login page (UCS)

When I enter my login data I get into Meet. Sometimes however:

404 not found

With the URL without hostname it never works


Page was not found

Could it have something to do with “ucs-sso.mydomain.local” pointing to two servers?

  • (UCS-Master) here is openid-connector installed
  • (UCS backup)

Yes, exactly that. As you already wrote in the opening post:

So it either needs to be installed on the backup as well, or the cname must be adapted to only point to the master.