Set_domain_sid missing



I’m totally new to UCS being a system administrator using windows and linux systems. Since our new service provider has recommended to use UCS we’d like to do so. Our system still is a samba 3 domain which we want to migrate first of all to UCS to migrate it afterwards to samba 4. So I’m following this how-to:

I did the first three steps under “Migration”. Now I stick with that:
/usr/share/univention-samba/set_domain_sid “<Windows Domainname>” “<currentSID>”
since there is no command set_domain_sid neither in that folder nor in any other.

The next command
/usr/share/univention-samba/change_sid “<oldSID>” “<currentSID>”
is also missing.

I’m using the version 4.4-0 errata90. I’ve just installed it and did nothing else but was is mentioned in the given how-to.

Thanx for your help



I love to answer my own questions. It’s just not supported any longer. With 4.1 it works fine.