Service Samba Error

My UCS server has an error in the samba rpc section, with the message (…/…/librpc/rpc/dcerpc_util.c:370(dcerpc_pull_auth_trailer) …/…/librpc/rpc/dcerpc_util.c:370: ERROR: pad length mismatch. Calculated 44 got 0)

This problem occurs every week or each 2 days, after restarting the samba service, everything runs normally, do you know why this can happen, and what other solutions besides restarting samba, I am tired of restarting samba every week.

please help

Searching for the error string finally leads to a Samba bug. Even though it looks more like a windows bug insteada of a Samba issue…

After reading bug description decide for yourself if you need to restart Samba frequently.


I’m using UCS 4.4-8. this bug is critical, because when this error occurs the external mail server, external proxy and other web applications that are integrated with the UCS domain controller cannot run or be used, what are the other workarounds to solve it

I doubt this error is the reason for malfunction of any web applications. Neither postfix nor squid rely on samba.

There has to be another reason for your issue then.


ok knebb , thank you