Servers heavily overloaded after upgrading to version 5.x

Hi, until now, we never had any problem with UCS server(s). We have small enviroment with about 100 vm’s and UCS is using only as local dns server. After upgrading to version 5 (now 5.0-1 errata199) we constantly get alarms about cpu overloading. What can be wrong with version 5 ?

Well, it’s complicated to answer such a broad question: Everything or nothing “can be wrong with version 5” :wink: I would advise to just look into the running services with top or htop. If there is a process using most of the CPU we can contemplate what the reason might be.


Hello, even this problem is not about LDAP, this article was very helpful for me. I hope this will help you too :slight_smile:
At least coming closer to source.


Thank you Mário, I’ll try to debug cpu consumption and return back…