Server role recommendation for backup server

Hi everyone,

I am planing to migrate my existing backup solution for my UCS environment (Centos NAS + Bareos) to UCS as well for better intgeration.

The backup server is to backup data from one UCS master, one UCS Backup and about 10 Linux/Windows clients.

The question I was asking myself is:
Should the backup server be a slave or backup member of UCS ? In terms of a real disaster scenario where master and backup need to be restored from the backup server I would go for the UCS backup role on the NAS as well.

Any thoughts ?

It depends. If the backup server is “always” running, the role DC Backup should be fine. In other I case I recommend the role Memberserver.

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The backup server is also used as NAS providing file access for several users via samba. So yes, it is always on.
Thanks for the hint.

Non related question:
Do you have any idea, when the UCS version of Bareos will be updated from 17.xx to 18.xx ? My current centos based backup server is already running on 18.xx and I do not want to risk incompatibilities with the already upgraded bareos clients.

I don’t know. And for non related questions you should open an other thread.

I will do that. Thx.