Server Profiles Windows 10 HDGuard

Hello! Just upgraded to HDGuard 11 and clients from WIN7 to Win10 prof 64bit
The users sign in on Domain with username and password.
Workstations are protected with HDGUARD11. First login succesful, but 2nd login creates a Windows failure message - login not possible - try to login again or “Close”. I click “Close” and login goes on but only with temporary profile. I can reproduce this on every workstation with every user!! The second “Login” is only possible with temporary profile not with roaming profile!!
Unprotected Workstation logon correctly!
The only way I can login the same User in protected mode more than one time, is to login a user without protection of HDGuard, then restart with protection - then login with serverprofile works. But it cant be the right way to copy all Userprofiles (180) to every WIN10 workstation in unprotected mode.
It seems UCS looks on the 2nd login for an existing profile on the workstation, but HDGuard has deleted it!
Any solution???